About Karim

Karim Amin was born and raised in Alexandria- Egypt. He has always admired nature’s beauty. His major is computer engineering but was always very passionate about photography. It was the exquisiteness of the Alexandrian shore that first inspired him to become a freelance photographer and brought out the natural talent inside him.

Karim Amin

Karim first started taking photos with a Kodak C182 camera. He later took things to whole new level when he started reading several photography books and attended a number of workshops where he applied what he learnt using his Canon EOS 550D.

Out of all the photography branches, he enjoys landscape and Long exposurephotography the most. Karim is still currently living in Alexandria but likes travelling around to visit places where he can capture pictures of nature, hystorical sites and abandoned buildings.

A word from the artist:
“Photographs make people stop to admire and appreciate the beauty in everything that surrounds you. A captured image can have lots of stories, memories and emotions behind it.”


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